Cool Windows Media Player Skinz!And visualisation packs

Well here we go, at the end of this page you can also download more visualisations for windows media player.

*AOI with all skins, or AOI with all skins+visua`s added*
**At the bottom of this post are the AOI`s**

I have tested them all.
Put all files in C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player\Skins\0046F2A8 and run from there. Map names can be slightly different , "HP_Administrator" will most likely be different.
Dont forget to run the files, you cannot just leave them there, I believe.
If you just leave them nothing will happen.
For windows xp, unknown if its works on Vista!
No passwords needed.

Standard Xbox ( 1577 kb )


Xbox live ( 2710 kb )


Halo 2 ( 5188 kb )


Gorillaz ( 299 kb )


TripleXXX ( 1605 kb )


Need For Street ( 5145 kb )


The promised visualisations pack(s); ( 17333 kb)
Here are few examples, out of the many.


All skins;(47230 KB)

All skins +All visualisation packs(64564 KB)


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