270 Animated Smiley Pack + 45 Spl. Animated EMO Pack


As many people have asked me so.......

Ok here is a tutorial to add/use these smilies/emoticons/emo's in MSN messenger

1. Login to ur MSN messenger
2. Tools > Emoticons > Create
3. Click Find Image (locate one of these smilies / EMO's as u like)
4. Assign it a keyboard shortcut : Normally a word , like for a smiley rolling up n down , use : rofl etc.
5. Name it as u want , its just a hint (optional)
6. Ok, ur done,

Repeat step 2 to 4 Or 5 (as 5 is optional) .....for every new smiley/emo/emoticon u wanna add Wink

Now since the keyboard shortcut u used was rofl for a animated smiley, roling up n down, so as and when you will type rofl in MSN chat, rofl
text will b converted to that EMO or Animated smiley u selected/created

Hope this helps!
PS: u have to follow the procedure under every hotmail/msn ID u log in to MSN Messenger , cos settings n emotions are diff for every MSN name u login with.


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