IMDB: 8.7 (2/1/08 )

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Matroesjka's, (Dutch for Matryoshka doll), also known overseas under its English titles Matrioshki or Russian Dolls: Sex Trade, is a Flemish drama series about the life in Club/Studio 69. It is about a group of women, from Lithuania and Russia, who are taken to Belgium by a gang involved in the sex trade to work as sex slaves. The series start in Lithuania, where the girls are chosen and where they have to sign a contract in Greek, which they cannot understand. The gang, under the lead of Ray van Mechelen, takes the girls to Cyprus and from there they are taken to Club 69 in Belgium to work. "Matroesjka's" is sponsored by the "Flemish Audiovisual Fund" (Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds).

Thus far, the series has ten episodes. It follows a serial format.

Because of explicit scenes, namely sex and violence, the program is not appropriate for people under 16 years of age (according to Belgian ratings).


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