Windows XP Unlimited Edition v2 2008

Windows XP Unlimited Edition v2 2008 l 4 GB
Windows XP Unlimited Edition represents an inovation to Windows XP. It is fast, secure and it comes with updated source (until the release date), drivers(a wide collection of drivers is included, so you won't need to install not even one), regtweaks, applications, shell extensions and many more.

 All Post-SP2 Updates are included
 All common drivers included( CPU, Chipset, Graphics, LAN, Sound, WLAN, MassStorage, Modem, Monitor, TV-Tuner, Scanner, Broadband, USB, Webcam, Additions, Input, Misc, Virtual). You will need to install only Printer drivers, if you have one
 Control Panel extensions ( for better use and accesibility) for common daily activities
 Registry tweaks for performance
 New right-click options, especially for end-users
 A huge collection of applications, which cover the needs of all type of users
 CPanel (created by me), so you will choose which visual apps to apply. It runs with startup
 Vista applications (Vista Movie Maker, Vista Sidebar, Vista Photo Gallery, Vista Paint, Notepad, Calculator, etc)
 Runtimes for end users (this includes all .NET Framework applications)
 DirectX 9.0c
 Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Media Player 11
 Patched Icons, BootSkin, LogonScreen, TaskManager
 All bugs reported to the previous version were fixed

The Unique Vista Interface
 Full Transparency supported
 Full StartMenu orb
 Fully functional transparent StartMenu
 Flip-3D (Default keys to switch between apps are : Alt+Tab)
 Sidebar (the *.gadget files are supported now)
 Media Center(Nero Home)
 Transparent notification pop-up
 Multiple Desktops (Default keys to switch between desktops : Ctrl+Shift+Alt)
 Working AdressBar and Search (You have to enable this by yourself. Look in the manual.)
 Transparent Dock
 For slow computers, Vista-like msstyle theme
 And many more...

Minimum Requirements
 192 MB of RAM (256 or more for Vista-Like theme)
 5 GB Hard-Disk Space
 32 MB Video Card (or more for some other Vista-like visual customization)
 400 Mhz Processor

 Burn the ISO, after extraction (using any extractor you want), on a DVD. Then it's up to you which installation method you would like to use.
 Installtion is fully automated (with the exception of attended one).
 No activation is required. This is built on Corporate Edition of Windows XP SP2.
 Both "New Installation" and "Upgrade" one are supported. And attended and unattended as well.

Download Windows XP Unlimited Edition v2 2008
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  1. This operating system from this server has nasty virus that will KILL your hard drive. If you have already discovered what I am saying is true, then the best way to get your hard drive back is to format using

    Darik's Boot and Nuke

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  2. CleĆ³rbete from Brasil said...

    And the trojan that u put inside that?

    CleĆ³rbete from Brazil

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