Folder Hidden for the Naked Eye ( INVISIBLE!!), How to hide a folder for the naked eye?

Here is a trick on how to hide a folder for the naked eye..
it's not right cl!ck properties hidden..

this is thought to me by my friend jason.. and i want to share this to you. bigsmile.gif

This is an example of an invisible folder.. bigsmile.gif


1. off course You need a folder, Like This one.

2. then Right Cl!ck > Properties

3. Then on the tab Cutomize

4. Then Change Icon. You will Select which icon you should use and select the blank one.

At This point the only problem is the Folder name.
you should rename the folder to a blank (space) so that the whole folder is hidden..
(try to use a space,,, and the foldername will return to its previous name)so you cant use space .. bigsmile.gif
( at this point do anybody figured out what is the trick for the blank filename?) hahaha..

5. Use alt 255 ( ascii ) to use a space and press enter.. bigsmile.gif

There you go a hidden folder for the naked eye hahaha..

but when you press refresh the folder appears for a split second. and it is also shown when the folder view is tiled.. bigsmile.gif
so find a place where you should place the folder that nobody will suspect that there is this kind of folder. And does everybody know this trick to refresh like mad all over the folders just to find this hidden folder... bigsmile.gif

pls tell me if you find this trick interesting..

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