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This new and trilling Stock Icons was developed taking the newest Aero MS Windows Vista interface as standard. Each one of this 170 icons developed by Yellow Icon’s Staff for this incredible Aero collection was meant to use the max of the available resources by the Avalon Graphic Subsystem and will be provided in high resolution of 256x256 as used in the now MS version. However it will be compatible not only with the new Windows Vista, but also with Windows XP, Mac OSX, Linux and web applications. The Windows Vista release will be in the 2006 second semester and Yellow Icons Studio is offering you the chance of foresee the visual interface of your software or project.

177 icons.
File Types:
ico, .icns, .png .tiff
Icon Sizes:
16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48,
128x128, 256x256

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