es friends ! Here is highly compressed form of GTA San Andreas for those stuck at 56 k bps download speed.The file was compressed using KGB archiver and the setup for it is also include in the rar file.The game size is only 64 KB Smile.Try it for yourself.


1. Takes a long time to decompress but 70% of the world still uses dial up and most of us don't have RS accounts.


To all the people who are saying it is fake its not.

1. The size of San Andreas rip is 670 MB approx.
2. Compressing it with KGB archiver took me a long time.
3. The game size is 64 kb.
4. KGB archiver really works.Setup is included in the rar file.Try compressing some file yourself.
5. This is for people stuck at <30 kbps downloading a 4.5 GB file from
6. I will try to up some more games in same format.

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