How I make $200 a Week from Google Adsense


Today I received my second Google Adsense Cheque worth $194.23 which I had made in just 13 days. Last month I had received a cheque worth 126.85$ for my other website.

As I'm very very happy today, I decided to create this topic where I will be telling you how even you can earn money from Google Adsense easy and quick without investing a single penny.

A few days ago I bought this PHP niche website script for $50 USD from a website. At first I wasn't sure if it was at all going to be useful. But I went ahead and started following the instructions to setup the website, I was done in less than 15 mins.

After that I had downloaded some Video Files on how to promote your website for Google Adsense, I went through the videos and it was pretty simple. So I just followed whatever that dude had told in the videos. Basically it was about submitting your website to Social Networking Website and other linking techniques.

I kept earning $3-8 USD a day for the first two days. Later I started checking my Adsense Account and believe me or not, I was earning more than 25$ dollars a day. Okay, I know its pretty hard to believe such crap. But here's some screen shot that I took as a proof.

Whats required?

1) A Domain Name (You may also use your existing one)
If you don't have one, You can get free Domain like at Code:

and you can have your free domain like linked to the free hosting account.

2) Less than 10 MB webspace (There are lots of companies which provide free hosting)

There are 115 websites that offer free website hosting with MySQL which is needed for our PHP Script to run. Here's a link to all of them Code:


In this section, I'll be providing you a detailed instruction on how to setup the Niche Website. Of course I'll be giving this script free for all of you. Its pretty easy to setup.

You can find more information about this script at Code:

First of all download the PHP Niche Script:

File Size: 1.61 MB

1. Extract all of the files from the zip file into a folder
on your hard drive. Make sure you preserve the directory structure.

2. Click on MySQL Databases in Control Panel. Create a database called qa. Create a new user and set a password for it. Then assign the new user to the qa database with all privileges.

3. Edit config.php in the includes folder in your favourite text editor.
The file is commented to make this straightforward. Keep the localhost as it is. Edit the name of your database, username and password in the config.php

4. Upload all of the files that you had extracted (from Auto_Income Folder) to your web server using FTP.

5. If the script doesn't function (if you get 404's when you click on links)
You may have to edit .htaccess then re-upload it.

Once you are done use create_tables.sql to create the tables within the database. (You can find this file in the extracted folder)

1) Login in into your admin account from
Username: admin
Password: admin (You can change the pass once you log in) if this doesn't work try using "pass"

2) Once you sign up for Google Adsense. Navigate to My Account in Google Adsense and at the bottom of your page you will find an ID like this pub-5105502068657451. All you need to do is paste it in the Adsense ID box in the admin panel.

The website has just 3 default categories, but to earn more we need High Paying Ads. I have added two more categories called Computer and Internet and Laptops and Desktops, Under this I have added hundreds of sub categories like BUY LAPTOP, If Google Adsense finds this on your page, it will displayed Ads by DELL, HP, APPLE, EBay etc which will earn you $2-3 per click.

Once you are done with this try submitting your website to all the social bookmarking website like

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  1. File not found. Link Does not work, Please re upload it

  2. This illegally distributed script has been taken down. If you upload it again I WILL take legal action.

    You can get the script legitimately from

  3. HI, where are these videos that you speak of?
    For a total newbie that has never had a website before, will this work?
    What else do we have to know?
    Thank You, Maddy

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