Transform your desktop into Halo. Check it OUT!

Hey I recently made a topic about transforming your xp into vista.
I made a list of all the programs I found best, and now I thought,
Why not about Halo ?! Its very cool so here we go.

First you`ll see what it does, then program name,
Then screenshot, then download link of Both the program, and the halo file.
Beneith Program&halo file, is the halo only file, might you already have the app required for this file.
Sizes are as Rapidshare says they are.

Whole theme of windows ( Machine remains untouched, it skins, doesnt change files.)
WindowBlinds v6This changes about everything but bootup, cursor, and log in.

WindowBlinds 6 + Halo theme file 16509 kb

Halo theme file 594 kb

Login screen
LogonStudio v1

LogonStudio + Halo logon file 2978kb

Halo logon file 1132 kb

The cursor
CursorXP ( Either 1,6 or 1,3, name says 1,3 but topic I downloaded from 1.6

CursorXP + Halo cursor file 4206 kb

Halo cursor file 308 kb
Halo font ( For use with WindowBlinds)
Has readme about how to install into windows

Halo background image 260 kb
Yes, coded. 1600x1200

Password for everything:yahhalo


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