Band-in-a-Box 2008 UltraPak

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Band-in-a-Box 2008 UltraPAK

The UltraPAK is the package that gives you “the
Works” for Band-in-a-Box. This package includes ALL
of our Styles Sets 0-76, RealDrums Sets 1-20,
Soloist Sets 1-20, Melodist Sets 1-8, Real Pedal
Steel, Real Acoustic Guitar, Tenor Sax soloing
(RealSax) plus all of the 101 Riffs and Phrases
Series, all of the Fakebooks, all of the Master Solos
Series, 50 Country Guitar Solos, 200 Folk songs,
CopyMe, Duets, and The Band-in-a-Box Video Tutorial
PAK. The UltraPAK is guaranteed to be a great
addition to any burgeoning musician’s software
collection. You can easily jam the whole day
with this fun and diverse collection of material!

Band-in-a-Box is an intelligent automatic
accompaniment program, which means that you can go
from nothing to complete song arrangements in as
little as a few seconds. Simply enter chords to a
song, choose a style of music, and Band -in-a-Box
does the rest, generating a full band arrangement
complete with Bass, Piano, Drums, Guitar, Strings,
and more. You can arrange, listen to, or play along
with songs in hundreds of musical styles. The MIDI
and audio tracks that Band-in-a-Box creates are
automatically played out through your computer's
built-in sound card or synthesizer, and the music
notation is displayed in a lead sheet window.

Band-in-a-Box is a unique and flexible program with a
broad range of uses. It is a powerful and creative
music composition tool for exploring and developing
musical ideas with near-instantaneous feedback.
Amaze friends and family by coming up with your own
original songs in as little as a few minutes! Band
-in -a-Box is also an excellent educational tool,
used both by professional musicians to sharpen
their skills, and as a learning aid by people with
little or no musical background. It's also an
essential program for practicing your instrument in
a full band setting - you play your instrument while
Band-in-a -Box takes the place of the other members
in your band. And of course, people use Band-in-a
-Box just to have fun!

While the basic concept behind Band-in-a-Box has
remained the same since it was first conceived over
20 years ago, hundreds of innovative features have
been added. The list of things that you can do with
Band-in-a-Box is endless! The Soloist, Melodist,
and Audio Chord Wizard are examples of amazing
"intelligent" features; the Soloist generates
professional quality solos over any chord
progression, the Melodist can create entire songs
from scratch with Chords, Melodies, Intros, and
Solos (even a Title!), the Medley Maker can
combine songs to create interesting medleys, and
the Audio Chord Wizard can figure out the chords in
any audio file (wave files, MP3, WMA, etc.).

In addition to these and many more amazing features,
over the years Band-in-a -Box has expanded from
originally being a Jazz oriented program, to
encompass a diverse range of musical genres
including Pop, Rock, Latin, Country, Classical,
World, Blues, Bluegrass, New Age, Techno, and much
more. There is something for everyone! Over 1500
styles are currently available from PG Music and more
are always being developed, many based directly on
customer requests. Moreover, since each style is a
large database of musical patterns and ideas, the
song arrangements will always be fresh, never
sounding exactly the same each time.

It's easy to get started using Band-in-a-Box. Here
are the basic steps you might use to put together a
song from start to finish...

Input chords for your song. Choose a key/tempo
and set the number of bars/choruses/loops,etc. You
can type in the chord symbols using the computer
(qwerty) keyboard, however it's also possible to
enter chords in other ways: You can play the
chords from a connected MIDI keyboard and use MIDI
Chord Detection, you can use the built-in Chord
Builder, and you can even have Band -in-a-Box figure
out the chords in any MIDI or audio file. The chords
that you input can include common chord symbols
such as C7, Cm, and Cmaj7, or more complex chords
such as Csus#5#9 and C7#5b9#11. Over 100 chords are
supported, plus you can enter an alternate root for
any chord (slash chord).

Choose a style of music using the StylePicker
Window. You can quickly and easily preview your
song in many different styles, or you can listen
to original demo songs for any of the PG Music styles
available. Styles will use up to five tracks for
the accompaniment, depending on what is suitable
for that specific style. For example, a Classical
style might only use the Piano track, while a Rock
style may use Bass, Drums, and Guitar.

Arrange your song using automatic intros, 2-bar
endings, substyle variations, drum fills,
intelligent chord substitutions, pushes, shots,
rests, and more!

Press Play to have Band-in-a-Box instantly develop an
original arrangement for your song, which is played
back through the sound card or MIDI synthesizer of
your choice. For playback, you can use a software
synth (stand-alone/DXi/VSTi) such as the VSC-DXi
included with Band-in-a-Box, or a hardware synth
(sound card synth/MIDI keyboard/sound module). In
addition to MIDI tracks, Band-in-a -Box also
generates original audio tracks called RealDrums and

Input your own instrumental melody/solo track using
an external MIDI keyboard, or by using your computer
mouse and keyboard in the Editable Notation window.
Or, have Band-in-a-Box create the solo and melody
for you using the Melodist and Soloist!

Record an audio track. You could use a microphone to
record yourself singing, then harmonize your vocal
track using the built-in audio harmonizer.

Make an audio CD of your music! Render your song to a
wave file and burn a CD, then play the CD in any
standard CD player.

Installation Notes :

1) Unzip, Unrar and run Setup.exe

2) Enjoy this fine Team AiR release !!!

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