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Cyptload is a hand made custom program enabling you to bypass RapidShare.com RapidShare.de Megaupload.com time and download limits. It has a download manager interface and featured with plugins to add more features and services. It has a interface to automatically restart and assign new IP address for the routers. Automatically Recognizes the Captcha verification Images and identify them. It can integrate with other Popular programs to enhance the Captcha capture function.

* Easy and automated file downloading from all the major one-###### file hosters.
* Automated OCR/CAPTCHA, in our tests decoding worked only few times
* Automatic renew of IP address.
[b]* Support for PREMIUM downloading with multi-part download.
* Automatic link decoding of link protetor services like Rapisafe.de
* File plugin system to add more services.
* Full support and bug tracking system.
* very prety GUI.


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